Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tiki time!

Aah...decisions, decisions. What color to paint the groovy tiki bar/counter that will serve as the useful wrap desk in the new ME & Blue? It was made in the Phillipines over 20 years ago, and immigrated here to the US along with its previous owners. I was lucky enough to locate it in Pasadena, then get Dave (shown...isn't he cute?!) and my friend Danielle to help load it into my friend's vintage Toyota Landcruiser. After a few tries, it fit nicely into the truck. It's now in its new home, ME & Blue at 566 Rose Avenue. I look forward to all of the customers that I will meet over this fabulous find. XO, M.E.


  1. Mester! I'm so proud of you! My,my, you set your mind to something, and BAM! There it is! One day, one day, i'll have money to come visit you in LA. love, debs

  2. my, my. when you set your mind to something: BAM! there it is! I'm so proud of you, mester! hope to visit you one day. loveya, debs



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