Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Easy breezy 'CHASE' dresses / skirts...now in!

I name all of my designs after friends. This new style, I decided to name it after a dog instead, nicknamed Chase (after Chase Avenue, where she was found). My boyfriend and I found her the other day on the street - tied up with a leash, abandoned for hours. She is staying with me for awhile --- she's easygoing, smiles, not super complicated, and versatile enough to get along with my sassy boxer. She stays cool even when things are tough...she knows that it will all work out. Not just work out, but be better than before. So --- introducing Chase. Versatile enough to be a skirt, one shoulder dress, tank dress, even halter. Add a fab obi belt and glam it up. $98 in silk. Lots of fun colors and prints to chose from. XO, M.E.

Chase...a day after she was found.  She doesn't have
a microchip.  But she has a smile on her face.

And the dress that I named after her...

One Shoulder
Tube style...add an obi
As a skirt / beach coverup
As a halter...cinch it with an obi
100% silk...in lots of colors
blowing in the ocean breeze, a few blocks from 
the ocean.  

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