Thursday, July 16, 2009

Philly girls in Venice...

Today 2 fun loving girls came in.  Grown women, really...but having a blast.  They were on vacation from Philly, where I lived for 11 years and had the first ME & Blue.  They cruised up on their bikes and parked them outside of the boutique.  One girl looked so familiar.  In this town, familiar means that they're famous and don't want to recognized.  As we started to talk, I realized that she was a former customer of mine from Philly who happened to stumble upon the store during her vacation.   Joy and Kate had a blast shopping today and totally made me smile.  I'm an east coaster at heart, so I love the energy and smarts of these Philly girls who engineered a great vacation for themselves.  They are staying in a cool guest house here in Venice and riding their bikes around to check out the Venice scene.  I hope to see them again before they leave.  They totally made my day!

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