Thursday, August 20, 2009

fabulous...Meghan. These hoodies are sooo cute!

I design most things for the store, but I can't pass up on buying from another California gal. Meghan. She's fabulous. And glamorous. Like if I had a sister who bedazzled everything, but in a fun, tasteful way. She's an expert at designing clothes that turn heads. When I had my boutique in Philly, she came for a trunk show with DJ Sasha who now runs her company.   It was a ton of fun.  She was a sunny addition to the gloomier weather that we had there.  Now I'm in LA, and I still love her style.  Check out the Andy hoodies. $129. Super fabulous, just like Meghan. Now in store at ME & Blue.   Just in time for a slight chill in the air.  More fabulous pieces for fall are coming!  XO, M.E.  

p.s. - photos and image of Meghan courtesy of Meghan Fabulous.  

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