Thursday, August 27, 2009

odds and ends...

I like the name of this post.  Odds and ends.  Old school term for a bit of this, a bit of that.  Usually fun and interesting, but things that don't necessarily connect together. Fortunately, all of these photos connect - I took them (I know, I know.  I need a new camera!).  And they all reflect my design sensibility... from end result (customer wearing an ME & blue dress!), to vintage picks, works in progress, and my favorite flower for the summer.  

Ava... she bought the "Grace" dress in this fun paisley print.  Then she wore it out of the store, hopped on her bike, and rode up Rose Avenue to Whole Foods to shop for groceries.  Even more fabulous about her?  She was only visiting... from Hamburg, Germany.  What a cool woman. She's a business coach and has been living in SoCal for the past couple of months.  

The sunflower that just bloomed outside of the front entrance.  ooh!  Thanks Big Red Sun.  Owner Selena planted these seeds a couple of months ago.  They are so much fun!

In progress - ruched waistbands for the harem pants I'm designing.  So many details to work out for the perfect fit!  

The groovy vintage needlepoint DIY vest now in store.  So fun.  

This post was inspired by Erin Tavin's recent post.  (photo above of her was grabbed from her blog).  I love her store that recently opened in Echo Park.  My boyfriend and I stopped by to say hello last weekend.  It's magical.  Creative.  Ooh, how I love to meet people who are true to their creative vision!  I need a free day to come over and show her my designs to carry in her boutique...

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