Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cozy! The new Frances wrap sweater/cardigan.

Frances is the latest design to hit my boutique...(shown above - 2nd from r) in this photo taken in the early 1970's in a farmhouse in Cherokee, OK.

I always remember Aunt Frances to have her nails perfectly done and to posess a sense of class and grace that I don't see so often.  Maybe it was the down-to-earth upbringing of growing up on a farm with two surly (but lovable!) brothers.  One of them being my very own grandfather.  

Frances now lives in Bartlesville, OK and is now in her early 90's.  I saw her several months ago and am hoping to see her again in the next few months.  I hope that you wear this sweater and remember the coziness of people you love and the warmth that they give back to you.  She'll be wearing the nubby brown version to match her lovely red hair.  Here's to you, Aunt Frances.  

Now in store - $85 to $95.  In a range of fabrics...wear them as an open cardigan, wrap them up, create a hood with the plentiful shawl collar (like I did in the striped version) and cozy up with the ones you love!  XO, M.E. 

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  1. ME, that is sweet of you. I love the sweater and it is absolutely beautiful. She will love it!!!

    -Megan Horton



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