Friday, September 18, 2009

Planes, trains, and zen gardens...

The boutique is open for business...but I'm taking off a week or so to recharge my batteries and get inspired!  Traveling seems to be the best way to put things in perspective.  So, after a hectic week of putting lots of new styles in production, finishing grading at FIDM, and making sure my fabulous shop girls (Danielle, Brittany, Ruth, and honorary guy Phillip) knew the drill, I got out of dodge - to London and Ireland.  Of course, I keep looking at outfits (hello - floral dresses, lots of purple, and short booties!).  And I'll be posting throughout my travels fun fashion trends and other inspirational things...

Flying Virgin Atlantic with Dave. I love the sleep mask, red slippers, and cozy blanket I got onboard.   That and the great online entertainment...  And waking up hours later ready to start a full day.  
Then - arriving 11 hours later in Heathrow.  We found the Tube (the subway).  Thank goodness they kept reminding us to "Mind the gap"!!!  There's a lot of space between the platform and the train.  It was like the blind leading the blind to figure out how to get to our hotel...but we finally did.

And --- ahh.  Zen gardens...just across the street from the Hempel Hotel in the Paddington section of London where we are staying.  That's ME (in the Frances sweater and Stevie top!), and Dave in his groovy "Shaft" vintage jacket.  
Stay tuned for more posts on fashion trends, inspirational items, and more from abroad...XO, M.E. 

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  1. I was in LA at an image stylist training and kept passing your shop as I traveled to the studio on 3rd. I felt like I needed to go in, so the last day of training--last Tuesday, September 15th--I stopped in and browsed. I came away with two of your delightful, one-of-a kind jackets that I can hardly wait to wear! (Along with a couple of miles of wrist bangles.) They are unique, elegant, and I am SO glad I followed my instincts!



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