Friday, October 30, 2009

Elizabeth cowl necks! The perfect accessory.

The new Elizabeth cowl neck is great.  $4o - $45, it's one of the best things to wear when it's a bit chilly.
As a cowl neck, it has the look of a big chunky necklace.   I just sold one today as a size fits all!  

Then it gets fun!  You can wear it as a hood, double it up as a thick turtleneck, too.

It's named after my friend Elizabeth Gillett, a scarf designer in NYC.  I met her 15+ years ago when she was just getting started.  When I moved to LA a few years ago, I was a sales rep for her line.  She lives a simple life to help keep her creativity charged.  I like that.  From riding her bike from Tribeca to the Garment District, taking her daughter, Gemma with her to work, and living without clutter.  Cool.  (photo below!)
The Elizabeth cowl neck.  
XO, M.E. 

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