Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jacqi pants! Versatile harem pants/jumpsuit.

The Jacqi harem pants just came in!  Inspired by Jacqi, a mom of 3 kids who lives here in Venice, CA.  A native Australian, I love Jacqi's style.  One of her sons recently told her he wanted her to wear more jeans and sweat pants (so LA!).  Her other son said "No!  Mom is cool just the way she is"... I couldn't agree more!    Jacqi lives in harem pants and was the inspiration for this super versatile style...shown here with a fab flower clip (sold separately).

They can be worn as pants, or as a jumpsuit.  Shown below in chocolate as pants, with a seamless tank ($28), Frances black sweater ($98), snake necklace ($35), and fun bracelets ($18 and up). 
Shown below in solid black as a jumpsuit...

 Made in a super versatile (and machine washable) jersey.  Black and chocolate brown.  $98.  

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