Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kristi dresses! polished and perfect.

I named the newest dress style after my dear friend, Kristi.  It's a simple sheath dress and comes in basic black, metallics, lace (fab for layering!), and even a ruffle style.   $68 - $125.  

I met Kristi over 10 years ago when I lived in Chestnut Hill...just outside of Philadelphia.  Our houses were around the corner from each other and we quickly became friends.  We travelled to Paris together in the fall 0f 2000 to gather inspiration for our business (my boutique in Philly, and her flower business).

I have since moved to LA, and she now lives in Richmond, VA where she is the owner of Flower Girls. We still talk regularly, and she reminds me to see the beauty in everyday life.  I love Kristi for her taste and simplistic, but individual style sense. This pretty 'Kristi'  sheath dress embodies her style.  

The inspiration...my friend Kristi in her element...working with flowers.  

Kristi ... below (L) with me and our friend, Jeff in Chestnut Hill several years ago.    XO, M.E. 



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