Thursday, October 22, 2009

Love...Lorisa+Aidan. In new colors.

They're back!  The Lorisa+Aidan style is named after my dear friend Lorisa and her son, Aidan.

Other friends like Lilly (in black) and Janna (in grey) have also loved the style... 
The first batch of this style sold out quickly, so I had more recut in new fabulous colors. 

What's so great about this style is that the cowl neck can be added or taken off...depending on your mood (and the crazy weather!). 

 Some customers love the Aidan cowl neck as a tube top (below with Blank Jeans).  

And the Aidan cowl neck can be worn as a pencil skirt, too (below).  
Easy, cozy (and machine washable) knit!  So much fun!  Grey, taupe, burgundy, and will be back in stock soon!  $98.  XO, M.E. 

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