Sunday, October 11, 2009

one white bamboo shelving unit, lots of impact

I'm keeping with the 'my bedroom circa 1977 theme for the store and am always thinking of ways to maximize the space of the store.  With just around 600 square feet, every inch counts!

So...a month ago I was driving down the road and spotted this cool bamboo shelf.  It needed several coats of white paint, and lots of TLC.  Phillip, my carpenter, put wheels on it, removed the front doors, and even added racks inside of it to showcase select items.  

Here it is in his workshop...about to find a new home at ME & Blue.  
oops!  Too big to fit into the van, so on top it went.  

I wanted wheels so that it can easily move around the store.  But it made it a lot easier to wheel onto the sidewalk, too!  
Thru the side door...on its side.  

And in the store.  I removed the back rack to create a focal point.  
The focal point?  Purple!  
Love, love!  
XO, M.E. 

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