Saturday, October 3, 2009

The power of purple - part 2....

I'm still on this purple kick.  And I think it's only getting started.  Here are some more images from my travels to London and Ireland of this new neutral color....and touches of purple here in Venice at ME & Blue.  

below...My sister Blue (L) with me in Ireland.  Blue is sporting purple that she got at her favorite Irish store, Penney's (Primark), her favorite 'fast fashion' store in Kilkenny.  
Molly...I took her photo at the Spitalfields Market in London.  She's actually from Portland, but was visiting her boyfriend in London.  Her groovy vintage top is infused with sparkly touches of purple.  I love the fresh flowers she just bought.  
Uhh...purple car anyone?  Anyone?  Just outside of the Hempel Hotel in London.  
At ME & Blue ---- the purple Kaftan top by Vintage Lamb.  
At Topshop in London.  I snapped this purple color story.  Even the wallpaper was purple.  
At ME & Blue....a vintage purple flower and studded purple bracelet...$35 each.  
This cute guy was in line in front of me at the Spitalfields market in London.  His friends thought it was funny that I was intrigued by his choice of a purple tee.  
Happy Saturday!  XO, M.E. 

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  1. Love all the purple! Some great titbits of inspiration!!



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