Thursday, October 1, 2009

purple = the new neutral...part 1

I keep hearing that purple is "hot" this season.  But in LA, it's hard to see when everybody is in their cars.  So I took to the streets of London and Ireland recently and saw a sea of purple...and realized that there is no place like home...ME & Blue has purple, too!

Here is my photo journal --- part 1 of the passion of purple this season.

Patty from Brazil.  She speaks Portugese and walked on the train wearing a purple sweater AND matching boots.  So cute.  I snapped this shot of her the first jet-lagged morning Dave and I arrived on the London Tube.  She has her own blog, too.  It's in Portugese but has some cool photos around London.    
OOh!  And check out the studded suede booties at Topshop.   And the knot necklace, too!
Then in sister, Blue was wearing a purple tee-shirt as she lounged at home.
At ME & Blue in LA - a set of hand-picked vintage glasses with a purple twist. 

And here --- in LA at ME & Blue.....the one-shoulder 'Julianne'  dress in purple... $78.  
Stay tuned for more purple passion both on the streets and in the ME & Blue boutique!  XO, M.E. 

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