Saturday, November 28, 2009

Air travel. No pillow, no blanket, no problem!

My boyfriend and I did a quick flight to see my family in Asheville, North Carolina for the Thanksgiving holiday. I was excited to take a red eye flight to be at my family's cabin in time for dinner. At 11 PM the night before the holiday, I was looking forward to a "red eye" flight from LAX with the airlines providing at least a lumpy pillow and a disposable blanket.

uuh...No. Thank goodness I had worn some layers.

Between the Elizabeth cowl neck (worn as a hood to keep me warm), cozy hat (another layer over my ears), and the Lola serape (doubling up as a blanket), I was able to cozy up and doze for a couple of hours on the overnight flight.

There was no service cart to offer water ... but Dave got me a glass of red wine. And his "Line 6" earplugs were totally helpful on the inter-continental flight. At the Charlotte, North Carolina airport, Google was kind enough to provide bean bag chairs to rest on between flights to promote their free wifi. I was exhausted.
I love to travel. But next time, I'll double check with the airline that blankets and pillow come with the flight. In the meantime, I'll keep working with what I'm wearing for a comfy flight. Cowl necks, serapes, and cozy hats always help. And maybe all airports consider bean bag chairs. Safe and comfortable travels this holiday season. XO, M.E.

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