Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I went to get boots, and left with creative inspiration...

As the owner and designer of ME & Blue, I rarely shop. When it comes to shoes, I crave fun & fabulous & practical styles & a store environment that I am inspired to buy in. I found these fun "We Who See" boots at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood last week and Dave treated me to them for my birthday.

We headed to the Urban Outfitters, but were redirected to their Shoes + Shoes + Shoes + Bags store ... wow!
I was so impressed by this fun store. Very 70's boho with lots of natural wood, moroccan carpets, and macrame.
Our shop guy, Jon (below, L), was also super cool. He talked vintage vinyl with Dave (below R) and told about his other gig as a writer for the online zine, LipMag.com.
Not only did I get the boots I needed, but a creative fix to boot. XO, M.E.

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