Friday, January 1, 2010

resolutions or making plans?

Hmm. I always seem to break my resolutions, or so I think. I was taking a spinning class as YAS in Venice the other day and the instructor, Sherri Rosen was getting the class pumped up and yelled out, "Who achieved their resolutions in 2009?" Hmmm. I thought for a second. YAY. I did it! I got my boutique rolling in this tough economy, am in a great relationship, started doing regular volunteer work. I raised my hand in class. Yay.

So now I'm thinking about what the new year will bring. As opposed to resolutions, I'm thinking big and am plotting out how to get things done. Among my open water swimming race this summer, launching the site and the wholesale segment of ME & Blue, and lots more...

As for spinning...I need to keep going and knock off the 30 pounds that I've been resolving to lose year after year.

XO, M.E.

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