Monday, February 15, 2010

ring a ling.

Dave popped the question yesterday while at our Valentine's Day picnic in Oak Park. I had given him some ideas of what kind of rings that I wanted. And had no idea when we sat down for a low key picnic that we would be making some bigger decisions.

Thanks to google images, the keywords "vintage filagree engagement ring Los Angeles" brought up this photo of the type of ring that I liked. No big rock (hello...I'll lose it when digging for fabrics and on my vintage treasure hunts). Something significant and meaningful and totally my taste.
So today we went over to Excalibur Estate Jewelry in Beverly Hills. It's inside of the groovy Paperbag Princess vintage clothing boutique. Wow.
We showed So, our fabulous and low key jewelry expert the image. I was looking for 70's inspired vintage, a few flowers, and diamonds that would stay in place. She sized me up, I decided between a couple of rings, and we were done in 30 minutes. I know what I like. I love this ring.
And this song was perfect for the day. Beverly Hills by Weezer. It was 80 degrees and sunny.
I hope you had a good weekend! XO, M.E.

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