Saturday, April 10, 2010

from Jaipur to Venice...

I discovered this beautiful line of clothing a couple of years ago called Vintage Lamb. Danah Lamb, the designer, travels between Bali and Jaipur, India to produce the line. Danah finds beautiful vintage fabrics and repurposes into amazing dresses and tops. We all gush when the line arrives at the boutique! Danah wrote me this note recently with the accompanying photos.

"Just found out that your shipment has been stuck in US customs the last two weeks! I am super upset about it... They released the package on Friday.
It will arrive to you this week hopefully!

I have attached several pictures below. These are all taken in Jaipur.
I am working in a kind of "cottage industry". Which means the factory is just 6 machines out of sombody's house.
The first one is of me at work sorting through the clothes.
Of course I love all the animals roaming about the streets! Threw that one in for fun. ; - )

Hope they will work for your blog.
I'll get back to you with more news later...


ooh! Check out more fab designs at the boutique. XO, M.E.

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