Monday, May 3, 2010

70's style. Goldie Hawn...Cactus Flower, Laugh In, and flower power galore.

I'm a bit addicted to Netflix and found this movie the other night. I adore Goldie Hawn's fun, sassy style and naive character in this movie, Cactus Flower. As I watch it, I keep checking out her flower power wallpaper, pixie haircut, layered necklace, and sassy style. The NYC street scenes and look into "Stereo Heaven", the record store where she works are tons of fun.

It makes me want to check out old scenes from Laugh In, a TV favorite when I was a kid. She has this infectious laugh. How come I just realized how cool she is? It looks like I'll have to name something after her. She's so cute!
XO, M.E.

p.s. --- nope, I didn't take any of these photos or videos.

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