Thursday, June 10, 2010

sometimes you feel like a nut... sometimes you don't

Now that summer is really here, I can officially announce my favorite coconut smell that I enjoy all year round...
I wear this lotion everyday. Yummy. I buy it at either Whole Foods or Henry's market. Either, or. So yummy. And I layer other scents on top. I feel like I'm at the beach year round.

The smell is what makes it. But how about that groovy hand drawn label?

And this sunscreen from Hawaiian Tropic. I've been swimming laps in the middle of the day and waterproof sunscreen is key. I recently ran out of another kind and tried this one out. It smells like toasted coconut.
Growing up, I loved the smell of surf wax and coconut when you walked into surf shops. These must remind me of that.

And just for good measure, I have to throw in my old school 70's ad. Enjoy!
XO, M.E.

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