Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wedge it on...

Getting dressed everyday is pretty easy... but I always get stuck when it's time to buy shoes. I've been working in retail since I was a teenager, so I need cute & comfy shoes that work with my designs. I gave up super high heels years ago when I would come home from work and have to soak my feet at night.

I'm loving the wedge shoes that are in style this summer. Even better are the ones with a cork heel, so they have a bit of a bounce when you walk. And I can slip them off when I'm driving for safety.

I got these fun shoes for $40 at Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse. My friend Cindy walked in yesterday and was wearing a similar pair from a local Nine West outlet.
And I found the full price versions here.

The only other thing you need? A fun pedicure. I've been wearing Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI for years. If I can only find a new favorite color...

XO, M.E.

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