Saturday, July 3, 2010

Awesome Asheville...

I always love coming to Asheville, North Carolina. My sister, Blue and her husband, Kevin just moved here from Ireland. And my parent's have a cabin in nearby Burnsville, North Carolina. Dave and I came out here for a few days of fun. We're planning a small wedding out here in the fall and enjoy the low key, local community vibe that is prevalent.

Here, at the West End Bakery in West Asheville,
we were reminded of this.

My sister, Blue, works just next door at Beauty Parade. A fab, fun place to get a haircut.

The night before, we hung out at the Westville Pub and saw this rockin band called Spirit Family Reunion. They seemed like they fit right into the "ya'll" feel of Asheville, but are actually from Brooklyn.
Yes, the guy on the right is playing a washboard. Really!

Besides Amoeba, this is my other favorite record store, Harvest Records. I finally scored the new LCD Soundsystem, old school Sinead O'Connor, the new Goldfrapp, and classic Gram Parsons. We talked about my love for KCRW, and their new Asheville FM radio station.

My soon-to-be last name, Molnar etched into the desk!

A few minutes away, we checking out yummy cupcakes at Short Street Cakes for our upcoming wedding. Yum yum.
And I love the buy local philosophy of the town. This sign is all over town, and I even bought the sticker!

Just a few minutes away, we went to this fun antique mall, the Antique Tobacco Barn. I found a couple of groovy items and Momma Blue (looking fab in the Brittany top) scored a fun piece of yard art.

Time for a few days in the mountains and then back to LA.

XO, M.E.

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