Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The Sallie tops have quickly become our best selling style.

They're named after my best friend in high school, Sallie.

In college, at Florida State University, we were roommates. She worked day & night over a drafting table and I would make silly art projects. When we were all done, we'd go out dancing at Club Park Avenue. The best part of the evening was planning our outfits. And she loved her cat, Camelia, named after her favorite band, the Chameleons UK, a post-punk British band.

For years, Sallie dated James, the cute guy who drove a VW and commuted an hour each way to swim on the same team as her.

At one point they took a break and Sallie would tell me how she ran into him at the mall and he was sweating above his lip. Or ask me for hours on end every detail when I mentioned that I had run into him at the mall. They married in the early 90's, have two adorable kids, Zach and Zoe (below).

...and both have made career moves that listen to their spiritual and emotional needs.

The Sallie top is versatile and fun, just like my good friend. You can tie it at the waist or at the wrists. Available in a range of colors. $65.

*the red color just sold out...give us a call at the boutique if you want to be on the waiting list for the next batch! 310.392.BLUE (2583).

XO, M.E.

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