Monday, August 23, 2010

swatches, sage sticks, super hits, peace, and the September issue

After taking a few days off after the passing of our beloved boxer, Angie Mae, I eased into the week.

I spent the morning sourcing out swatches for the upcoming fall collection. Sweater fabric, stripes, and a soft hand.

At home, I have been using a sage stick to cleanse items and areas. My neighbor, Justin, made this for me a couple of years ago. I'm no expert on it, but I just wave it around items or rooms that hold onto sadness. Somehow I feel better once I've burned it.
I put on a fun album from 1978. Super Hits. The Glen Campbell song, "Country Boy" totally made me laugh. When I was a kid, the words sounded like "You've got your fee in a lake". Duh. It's "You've got your feet in LA"....

I made a mini memorial the other day. Sunflowers and a pretty candle make me feel better.
And this page from my collage book captures words and images...
And the best part of my day? My honey came home with one of the best pieces of the mail of the year, the September Issue of Vogue. Maybe it's time that I see that movie again...
XO, M.E.

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