Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bachelorette soirees, Big Red Sun blue house, and a black outfit

I had a fun "Bachelorette" soiree the other evening with my favorite gals at Big Red Sun. It brought back memories of my friend Debbie's party 20 years ago in Miami. We whooped it up in our glam black outfits, hit a stripper club, and used our fake ID's to get us along.
My friend Debbie Glad Denton (3rd from right), and I'm to her right holding the PeeWee Herman doll...

My own soiree was full of my favorite gals here in LA, and it was just what I needed. A soiree in a beautiful Blue House at Big Red Sun, dancing courtesy of some fabulous 10 year olds, and lots & lots of wine. I wore my favorite Charo dress and chatted with my favorite friends. Topped off by a fun slumber party at my other friend Debbie's house. Danielle pulled the whole thing together with ease. What fun!

XO, M.E.

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  1. Thanks for the great memories, MEster!!! We did look fabulous in black!!!



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