Saturday, December 18, 2010

Everbody loves a vintage scarf..

Even fun 4 year olds!
Check out Brandi who came in a couple of days ago.
She showed off some of my favorite vintage scarves.

The first style was a big Picasso inspired square.
Fold it in half.
And then again into a triangle.
Doesn't it look good as a head scarf?
Well.... doesn't it?
And you can take that triangle and roll it up, too...
And voila! A cool neck scarf.

And this fun little rectangular polka dot scarf is great.

Wrap it around a few times as a wrist scarf.
Or around your head as a headband.
Or around your neck as a cool little accent.

Thanks Brandi for modeling! And thanks to Janaea and Sian for stopping in with this fun fashionista in the making. Vintage scarves ... $25 in a range of colors and sizes. Tie 'em up any which way!

XO, M.E.

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