Saturday, January 29, 2011


My new routine is to spend all day on Friday getting new fabric for production, tweak existing patterns, and to fill in on our fun accessories. I meet Danielle in the morning, pass on to her the new items that from my sewing contractor, and then get on my day.

She gets to the store and gets the newest styles on the mannequins and gets ready for our weekly "Sip & Shop" Friday. It's a great new routine.

As business has been picking up and I'm also gearing up for the Pool Tradeshow in Vegas, I seem to be getting more and more fabric each week.

My rickety granny cart (and my back!) are getting a workout at the end of the day as I transfer the newest fabrics from my car, to the granny cart, up a freight elevator, and to my sewing contractor. Whew! I know that one day I'll say, "Wow... remember when I had to schlep all of the fabric myself?"

XO, M.E.

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