Tuesday, March 15, 2011

California Cruising, part 2

The 2nd part of my trip with Kristi was tons of fun, too!

First stop? Harmony, CA. Population 18. Plus lots of tourists like us!

I grabbed a couple of mugs... cute!

The rest of the day, we made out way to Big Sur.

The Elephant Seal Preserve was amazing.
Hundreds of seals on the beach, all doing their thing. (wow!)

We made it to Big Sur just after sunset and prompty went to the swankiest place in town. The Post Ranch Inn. The guard at the front was fine with our vintage ride. We inquired about the cost of one evening - $500 and up, but opted for dinner at the bar instead.

Heidi, the bartender filled us in on the cool places to go and off we went!

Fernwood Campgrounds was empty and we made the treacherous drive down the road. Mud wasn't our friend as I backed up and put a nice ding in the side of the van (oops!), but opted to enjoy the scenery to take away the stress the next day.

The next morning, our wake up looked like this.

And our morning walk looked like this!

And we met this local critter. I was intrigued.

The second evening in Big Sur, we discovered the Henry Miller Library, Nepenthe, and this amazing sunset.

Off we went the final day to drive back home.

It was good to see my honey and Kristi and I had a couple of nights to relax before a trip to my favorite Palm Springs getaway, the Ace Hotel. More pics to come!

XO, M.E.

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