Thursday, June 11, 2009

painting the mural... more photos

The exterior signage / mural is complete! My friend Danielle said that it was like day camp. We had a great time. The best part was people stopping and yelling at us how much they loved it from their cars. I'm sure that summer camp isn't nearly as much fun (and hard work) as what we did for a few days. From the initial transfer and drawing of the logo and flowers, to painting several coats of flowers, to finishing it off with sharpie markers. Thanks Melissa, Phillip, Danielle, and our honorary mural painters, Debbie and Michael. I see the mural as a work in progress as the ME & Blue brand develops. I love this job!  I will update with more photos in the next couple of days.  Countdown to the boutique opening...Friday, June 19th!  XO, M.E. 

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  1. ME. the pics make me so nostalgic for your beautiful creations!!!!! i recently used the picture frame you made for me for my wedding as the centerpiece of my table at a dinner party!!!! i so wish i could come and shop!!!!!



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