Thursday, June 4, 2009

painting the exterior...planning and day 1

Who knew how many things go into transferring a logo and brand from a graphic file to the outside of a building? Venice is full of fun buildings that have hand painted signs with an artistic, home spun vibe. So off to plan the exterior of ME & Blue...from trips to Kinkos using large format copiers, to buying the perfect paint brushes, matching up paint swatches at Naylor's, figuring out how to use tracing paper and a level, and ultimately making sure that the logo and graphic do their job: stop traffic and get customers to come in and shop. Here are photos so dog Angie Mae chilling out in the car while I drive around, getting my supplies...and Melissa, my graphic designer as she works on day 1 of the ME & Blue mural project. More photos to come! XO, M.E.

1 comment:

  1. good luck with your boutique!! i also have a store (in Studio City, CA), so i know what you're going through.
    best wishes!



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