Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ROA tees by Steve Vintage and Capri Pinto...

During the ME & Blue years in Philadelphia, I knew of a groovy store near mine owned by Steve Vintage (yes, his real name), and his wife Capri.  Like me, they grew tired of the cold northeast winters and F*&^ you attitude that came with the lack of sunshine.  Fast forward a few years, I was in LA at the Rose Bowl and ran into them.  They had relocated to the west coast as well, refocusing their efforts on creative screen printing on t-shirts and vintage clothing for guys and girls alike.  They have 3 labels now, including the ROA tees that I'm now carrying at ME & Blue in Venice.  It's fun to work with them.  They produce their designs in downtown LA and even hand deliver the tees to me.   The response has been good, and it's fun to know people that have seen ME & Blue evolve from an industrial-style loft in Philadelphia, to a sunny bungalow in Venice, CA. 

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