Thursday, July 2, 2009 at ME & Blue.

Back in the late '80's, I discovered leggings (yes, that's me in 1987 -- on the right.  In the leggings and bubble skirt and crazy thrift store hat...on the left, my friend Debbie wore the bike short --- a variation of the leggings).  I'm talking the leggings that I found at the 'Units' stores, the 'Multiples' stores, and the ones that I made by cutting off the feet of old hose.  I was so into the trend that one semester I was introduced to a guy who had seen me around campus and said..."You're the girl who always wears leggings outside of the Communications Building."  This wasn't a compliment.  I was obsessed.  And then the trend died.   And then the trend came back a few years ago.  My rule is to move forward, don't repeat the past, and feel good along the way.  Fast forward.  2009 - the new ME & Blue in Venice, CA.  I'm designing my own line,  and my customers are asking me, "What do I wear under these fun sheer tops & dresses?"  Uhhh.  Leggings.  Now available at ME & Blue.  Made in the USA.  Seamless, flattering and only $30.  I'll never wear them, but my customers who didn't abuse the trend back in the day will.  I'll gladly outfit them!  XO, M.E.  

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