Friday, August 21, 2009

big sunglasses, big fun!

Yesterday the sun wasn't shining so bright, but I had a bunch of color from my fun customers.

Big sunglasses seem to appeal to women of all ages.  They all had a lot to say on this not-so-sunny day and made me smile.  The big sunglasses they wear have big personalities behind them...

Uncle Ruthie Buell (left).  She sports her own groovy sunglasses that match her fun style as is the host of "Halfway Down the Stairs" on KPFK, 90.7 FM here in LA.  Check out her offbeat sense of humor on her self-titled show!

Along with Ruthie came her cousin, Susan Wooldrige (right).  She's also a ball of fun and uber-talented.  The author of "Foolsgold:  Making Something from Nothing and Freeing Your Creative Process"... we talked about creativity, keeping journals, and wearing things that make us feel and look good.  She bought the big sunglasses, too...and plenty of ME & Blue dresses.  (Thanks Susan!)  

Then one of my students, Katelyn showed up.  And ALSO bought big, over-the-top sunglasses.   We laughed as she told me about how what she learned from my FIDM "Selling Techniques" class made her the new favorite salesperson at her part-time job in Ventura.  She took big selling ideas taught in my class and outsold her fellow workers recently.  300 boxes of Pop Tarts in a single day.   She outdid the sales goal for the day and was a big hit.  Hmmm...maybe sales will be even better when she wears her new shades! 

Sport some big sunglasses (shown in the lovely flower garden outside) and watch your big personality appear!  $18 at ME & Blue.  

XO, M.E.

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