Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hippy chick hair...

I live near my boutique and try to keep things local... Local grocery stores, mom & pop coffee shops, and more.  I guess I hope the "shop local" motto will come back to my bungalow boutique (so far, so good!)  So yesterday I finally made a trip to visit my local favorite hairdresser, Antonio Posa at Trim Salon here in Venice.  
I hadn't seen him in 5 months.  Between opening the boutique, teaching at FIDM, dating a guy who lives 25 miles away, I have been super busy.  I was dealing with my grown out hair by pulling it back in a ponytail on hot days, ignoring the hints of grey at my temples, and  "blow drying" it naturally by leaving the windows open as I made my commute.  When I told Antonio, he was politely appalled.  Oops.  

We chatted about how much we love our dogs, our boyfriends, and living in Venice.  
He tells me that everytime he drives past my store he sends good vibes.  
Maybe he'll drive past the store in a month or so and trim my bangs between salon visits.  hint. hint!
Here's the result of his work.  I feel like a brand new rock 'n roll girl.  

XO, M.E. 

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