Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sassy Summer Sale

Sale was such a dirty word in retail this past year.  It meant "desperate to sell merchandise and stay in business".  There were sale signs everywhere.  So...I'm taking a new twist on the sale. Let's call it the "Sassy Summer Sale".  Select items (and colors) are marked down to make room in our bungalow boutique for fabulous fall!  Here are some things on sale!

Stephanie Dress. Was $125.  Now $99.

Dani wrap skirt - wear as a dress, skirt, and more!  Was $45.  Now $29.

Candice dress in brushstroke prints.  Was $85, now $59.

Goddess dress in brushstroke prints.  Was $98, now $69.

Debbie top/tunic.  SO flippin cute!  Nude. White. Floral.  Was $65, now $49.

Ann Marie a-line skirts in white gauze and white transitional print.  Were $78, now $49.

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