Monday, September 7, 2009

little improvements...maximizing a small boutique space

ME & Blue is a tiny store.  600 ft2. Maybe more.  My last boutique in Philadelphia was overwhelming - 2000 ft2.  So I'm not complaining.  Just trying to figure out how to maximize the square footage of the space that I am now in.  I knew things needed to change the day I had so many customers that the fitting room, stock room, and bathroom were all being used by customers trying on my designs.  

SO... I enlisted my handy carpenter to help me out.  We installed a circular fitting room in the far left corner of the was formerly empty.  Oops!  That's my feng shui wealth space!

Phillip below as he installs the rod...and the finished second fitting room!  

And (true to my FIDM teachings), maximized more wall space by using the windows as a space to display fun accessories.  We took IKEA sheer curtains and IKEA white twigs and a bit of hardware.


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