Monday, September 7, 2009

style tips from my students...

At FIDM, I'm always noticing the truly stylish students.  There are trends, fads, and classics (yep - I teach that!).   And there are the students who take them all, mix them up, and make them work for their body type and personalities.  Here's Bianca and Katelynn.  Two of my students who are designing their perfect "pretend" lingerie store in my Merchandise Presentation class. 

Check 'em out.

Bianca...sporting a groovy kaftan, pleather belt, gladiator sandals, sterling rings.  And my favorite- Hello Kitty bandaids!  She loves Ross and always looks glam.  

Katelynn seems to favor black clothing with plenty of accessories.  Most of her clothing worn here is from the Melrose shopping district (east of Fairfax) area of LA.  I love the vintage gold belt that she got at the Melrose flea market...and the fun brass bangles.  Flip flops?  Yes.  She just got a pedicure.  

click here for Katelynn's blog: 


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  1. haha love it! Yess always black and that's the only time your gona see me were flip flops;)



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