Thursday, October 29, 2009

A day in the life...

A day in my's what today brought.  

1. Wake up and grade students papers.  

2. Go to the garment 'hood and introduce my FIDM class to the techniques of an expert fabric pleater.  Field trips rock!

3.  Head back to FIDM and grab my favorite new food at the FIDM Cafe - so yummy, so light.  Perfect.  Tri-ce.  I wish that Whole Foods would start carrying these.  

4.  Teach 2 FIDM classes the benefits of good lighting, wall displays, and more.  Here's an example of an amazing wall display at TopShop in London.  

5.  Finish teaching at 6 PM and chat with a couple of my students from a previous quarter.  Call Brittany at the boutique and check on sales.  

6.  Head over to my sewing contractor.  Drop off cut tickets for new fab styles, recuts on ME & Blue best the Goddess, Janna, Edison, Julianne, Kristi.  Submit sketches and swatches for new samples and discuss the logistics of wholesale of the ME & Blue collection to other boutiques around the country.  

7.  The day is done!  Time to eat!  I grab take out Samosa House just down the street from my apartment.  What took me so long?    This Indian food rocks!  

8.  Feed the pooch and chill out with her.

9.  Ichat with my honey about what we should be for Halloween.  Contemplate this 'Pretty in Pink' idea.  I can be Molly Ringwald.  He can be either Ducky or Andrew McCarthy.  He wants to be the boyfriend.  Duh!  

10.  Night night!  XO, M.E. 

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