Thursday, December 17, 2009

fabulous FIDM

Today was the last day of teaching for the quarter. Group presentations, final projects, and exams. Here are some of my fab students and their fab style...

Gabrielle. She always sparkles and shines and goes for the bling.
Richard. He's influenced by KISS and 80's metal, but in a new way.
Shawntay. She embellished her FIDM bag. Love it. And she's so proud. She rocks her colorful hair with a ton of confidence, too.
Ah Young. From Korea. Wow. She's doing presentations, studying, and being fabulous in a second language. And I'm having a hard time learning Spanish.
Channing. She has fabulous hair. And great style. She just finished her 2nd class with me. I love return students! And the chocolate/peanut butter/powdered sugar chex mix she made for me are YUMMY.
And Isaiah Garza. He is an "alum" as of today. He's the first person in his family to get a college degree. And he's got his own line of fab flower accesories. Congrats!
Thanks to all of my FIDM students for fun inspiration! XO, M.E.

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