Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vegas, baby... and beyond.

I admit it. I have mixed feelings when it comes to visiting Las Vegas. But the Magic tradeshow has a lot to offer... cool seminars, a glimpse at what's coming for the future seasons, and a sure way to finally feel the summer heat.

I decided to drive out here and stay at the Hard Rock Hotel.

The drive was close to 300 miles. Thanks goodness for Pandora.com and the latest Goldfrapp CD to keep me energized for the ride.

The Hard Rock Hotel is pretty cool. I feel like I should be an extra on Californication with Lew Ashby, the aging rock star who partied his life away. But this view isn't of Laurel Canyon, but of the hotel pool and the Vegas airport.

And the tradeshow. I like running into people I know. From Kim Bennett of Bennett Malibu (hello... wish I looked that good as a bleach blonde!), to Alex and Marsha from LF Stores, to Bernadette Mopera (an amazing rep and always friendly!) , and the Wendy from Polka Dots and Moonbeams (what an inspiration she is!).

My goal for the day was to find some fun lines to mix into my own designs. Competitive price points, cute styles, and items that were made in the USA (OK... a bit of India!) And I must have made the reps nuts. "Sorry, but I'm looking for clothing made in domestically. I'm OK with a bit of India... I manufacture my line here in LA..." ," I'd say. If they also manufactured in China, they were kind enough to sort the styles out of what I was looking for. I have a feeling I wasn't the only one asking for the same thing today...

And the seminars? Wow. The seminar for David Wolfe from the Doneger Buying Office was packed. I'm talking hundreds of people just to hear him talk about upcoming trends.

Stayed tuned for Vegas, part 2!

XO, M.E.

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