Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I see orange, Texas Longhorn orange, that is...

I got a special order from an account in Texas for their favorite color - orange. But not just any orange, University of Texas orange. Adelante of Austin is getting ready to kick off football season and they needed some game day goodies, LA style!

As the art school girl who skipped football games at FSU, I was a football outsider. I just never quite got it. Until now. I appreciate people who are passionate. And this is a passionate bunch. I hear the owner of Adelante drives a burnt orange car to show her longhorn spirit. Ooh, I like her already. Serious football fans! And Matthew McConaughey* is a fan, so what's not to love?

Here's the progress we've made over the past few months...

- get word from my Texas rep in the spring that Adelante wanted an "orange" t-shirt group. OK!

- test out fabric swatches at the local dye house, making a "lab dip" that I got approval on from the buyer. This is a special burnt orange, I better get it right!

- send samples out & have the rep stop by and secure the order...

- tweak and test the patterns for the garment dye process...

- sew it all up in white and drop it off at the local dye house here in LA.

- pick it all up and sew in ME & Blue labels (if not, they get all dyed in the process and aren't so pretty) and laugh at my sewing contractor who was complaining. Seriously, this needs to look good!

- steam it all! Isn't fashion glamorous? And yes, that's a baby bump I'm sporting. It's hot in there...

- did I say steam? Oops, I missed a spot!

- pack it all up & get it out the door, whew! These fans have some parties to get dressed for and Adelante has an upcoming event to celebrate. Thanks Sean for all of your help!

Go Texas! And thanks Adelante for supporting ME & Blue. Rah rah!

*side note. The day of the photoshoot this past spring for the website, I saw Mr. McConaughey jogging by in Malibu. I did the honorable (and making a fool out of myself) thing and stopped and waved and said hello. Who can resist a good star sighting, even in LA? He was kind enough to return the wave. Thanks Matthew!

XO, M.E.

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