Friday, August 19, 2011

OOOHH klahoma!

Last week my brother, Donald and sister, Blue joined my
Mom & Dad for a few days in Oklahoma. They all got together
to visit to our 100 year old Grandfather to the small town of
Cherokee, OK where he grew up and is now still living in...

I was recovering from my trip to London and will be heading out
there in the next week or so. I'm sorry I missed it. Fortunately,
my sister took these photos so I didn't feel like I missed out so much.
Blue in front of a rusty pickup.

Chloe Mae, the stray dog my parents found.
Uuh, purebred is more like it! She's GORGEOUS!

My Mom & Dad in front of the town elevator/silo.
I love this sign!

Donald jogging out on the dirt roads. Every intersection
means you've jogged a mile. If you every fly over this
part of the country, it looks like a quilt. The best part of
it? The grid system is great for tracking mileage!

I love this!

Donald and Blue at the grave site of our
Grandmother who passed late April of this


XO, M.E.

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