Thursday, August 18, 2011

fabric, fabric everywhere!

As the ME & Blue collection has grown, so has my assortment of fabrics.

I used to house my fabrics in a couple of round bins and have a few in the stockroom of the boutique. Then I grew to renting a small studio space downtown. And the fabric kept growing.
I spend more & more time downtown on producing the ME & Blue line for the boutique as well as wholesale accounts around the country. And things had to change.

Here's what we did...

Found a good shelving unit. I liked these!

Have one more roll around on the fabric. Didn't I tell you? There's a lot of fabric. And this baby momma-to-be is getting organized!

Get the shelving unit delivered. The guy running the freight elevator wasn't so happy with us.

Then Sean & I cleared out some space to assemble it the unit.

Sean did the heavy lifting, I just pointed out what had to be done. Sometimes it's fun being the boss.

Cindy came by to say hello and leant a helping hand. She has a studio space for herself and had plenty of experience putting these things together.

Whew! Much, much better! More images of the newly organized studio space to come.

XO, M.E.

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