Thursday, August 4, 2011

Victorian graveyards, Abney style.

Ahh, how I love lazy days in London.

Our plans to visit Stonehenge didn't happen when we overslept. It was better this way. We got to see my longtime friend, Vivienne. Vivienne & I met 16 years ago when we both moved from NYC to Philadelphia at the same time to work for Mother's Work (now Destination Maternity).

Vivienne now lives in London full time and is ever the fashionista. Dave & I took the bus to Stoke Newington, a lovely area of London.

It's nice to be off the beaten tourist trek.

This poster that was just featured in Time Out London says it all...

This victorian cemetary, the Abney is lovely. A bit overgrown, but lots of fun to walk around.

Dave recognized this cathedral from some of his favorite British TV shows, Waking the Dead.

What's so lovely about London is the city vibe, but the garden living that also happens. Back to Vivienne's place for a lovely rest in the garden!

Cheers! XO, M.E.

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