Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tube rides, Spitalfields, Rough Trade, & phone booth kisses

Oh, how I love a good Sunday in London!

Sundays at Spitalfields Market are the best. We were there a couple of years ago and had to go back. And off we went via the London Tube...
Aah. It's worth everything just for these polite words. After living in NYC in the early 90's and braving their subway system... civility is nice on the train, isn't it?

Almost there. Ooh! What will we find today?

A phone booth! Who uses these things but to kiss in?

And we're here! The Old Spitalfields Market is a covered victorian market hall and full of fun vintage & new vendors...

Like this one, Rock a Bye Baby. Emma designs some cool baby clothes, and I'm sure that Baby Blue in my bump will appreciate her designs as much as me. Dave kept saying, "No more baby clothes!"

So we made a stop at Clara Francis to buy this beautiful hand beaded butterfly necklace. I bought a hummingbird necklace from her a couple of years ago...

And yes, more baby clothes. This from Little Mashers, at a stall in the nearby Up Market.

Dave got a vintage flight jacket and a couple of groovy t-shirts, too!

We made a last minute stop here...
A groovy record store, Rough Trade. A kinder, gentler, smaller Amoeba Music.

But alas, time to go home and rest. Momma-to-be is tired!


XO, M.E.

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