Sunday, February 12, 2012

Inspiration LA, vintage style at the Queen Mary

I first found out about the Inspiration LA Vintage show last year when I picked up a postcard at Animal House, a cool vintage clothing store near my boutique in Venice. It immediately caught my attention...

I have attended many trade shows in my life, but I knew that this would be different. It is organized by a Japanese guy, Rin Tinaka, who was targeting it a fashion forward crowd who likes vintage, the Rose Bowl Flea market, and the Magic show in Las Vegas.

Here he is talking about the show as it was beginning...

Dave (my hubby) agreed to come along, and baby Bonnie-Blue snuggled up as well. We made the trek down to Long Beach. It felt like a grown up field trip, what fun!

The booths were filled with on-the-pulse buyers and browsers who appreciate vintage clothing, american style. There were quite a few booths that highlighted old school biker gear, like this one.

And bandanas are back!

We walked away with plenty of inspiration... check out this old school "Hang Ten" sweater.

Alas, we found a cool denim change purse for Bonnie-Blue, and the resolve to go back next year.

XO, M.E.

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