Monday, February 27, 2012

Just call me the Instagram Mam...

I've been loving the Instagram app on my Iphone and find it to be an
easy way to capture beauty in my everyday life.

I love it so much that I like to sing this song along to the tune from "Rubber Band Man"...

Just call me the Instagram Mam, OK?

"Hand me down my iphone mam, hand me down my phone,
hurry now and don't be late 'cause we ain't got time to chat"

You and me we're taking photos to catch the latest ideas,
guaranteed to blow your mind, so fun you can't complain"

Hey, y'all prepare yourself
for the Instagram Mam...
You never saw photos
like the Instagram Mam
You're bound to lose control
when the Instagram Mam starts to click

Oh, Lord, this Mam is outta sight
Everything she does
seems to come out right..."

Here are some photos I took this past week.

An RV parked near my boutique on Rose Avenue in Venice.  

Me and Bonnie-Blue Sunshine at the end of the day

Lovely building at 824 South Los Angeles Street in downtown Los Angeles

My lovely friend, Cindy Ciskowski in my new design,  the "Blondie" dress.  

You can find more Instagram images at MEandBlue on your Iphone app.  And that song?  Check it out, it's outta sight!

XO, M.E.

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