Tuesday, February 11, 2014

spring cleaning & rolling, rolling, rolling!

My idea of cleaning?  Throwing things away.  That's what my friend, Lorisa says.  But in this case, a bit of tossing, a bit of selling samples & old styles to open up space & possibilities for newness.  I love working with Sisongfa.  Just call her "Sis".  She makes me laugh as we work and helped me organize and tidy up the storage space we have downtown.  Over the past couple of weeks, we have been tackling a 10 by 10 storage space and reviewing 5 years worth of patterns, samples, and fabric.  Toss, keep, toss, revise.  Some styles & patterns needed to be completely eliminated.  Some... simply updated.  And others, to take a rest until the style or trend of the design comes back around.  Yesterday we laughed as we transported fabric from my cutter to the storage space.  We walked with this big fabric rack a few blocks down Broadway in downtown LA, past the new Ace Hotel, past the new Urban Outfitters, and up a freight elevator to deliver the goodies to storage.  Living the glamorous life!  XO, M.E.

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