Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Out with the old... in with the NEW (part 1)

I must have a crazy case of spring cleaning fever!

We had two fun weekends of sidewalk sales to move out all of the samples, vintage, accessories, and goodies that had stockpiled up in the downtown storage unit and the stockroom.  Whew.  And what fun it was.  We sold hundreds of goodies, from $5 to $9, to $19.  It felt so good to move them out and give them new homes.  

Here are some fun photos of the weekend(s).

    My daughter, Bonnie-Blue Sunshine.
    Donna DeLory
    Lauren and her dog, Bo.  They are regulars at the boutique.  Love them!
    Sun had a bit of fun and stopped some traffic.
    Sarit perused the $5 table and sample rack.
    Me & Photima having a Velvet Goldmine moment.

The beauty of this sale is that we now have space (and a clear head) to bring in some amazing new ME & Blue designs and other goodies.  Stay tuned!

XO, M.E. 

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